14 February 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #25

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"You are a silly cake pan."
-Jared's idea of Valentine wooing

Despite what I said last time about Ellie's lack of doctoring, she actually did get weighed and measured and the whole shebang this week. Forty-second percentile for weight, twenty-fourth for height. My wee mousie.


This is an incredible Radiolab about a baby born at 23 weeks, 6 days.


At The Atlantic: how orange juice was successfully misrepresented as a health drink.


Here is Hillsdale prof Terrence Moore at the Kirby Center, speaking on the Common Core's calculated destruction of story and soul.


Also in the socio-political vein, this is an interesting look at the Russian and American characters in international relations: "From Russia, With Spite" by Ralph Peters.


After all that seriousness, Benedict Cumberbatch and The Count discuss apples and oranges on Sesame Street. You're welcome.


What We Et For Dinner:
Oatmeal blender pancakes with blueberry sauce + scrambled eggs with bacon
Chicken vegetable curry + brown rice
Salmon cakes + spaghetti squash with olive oil and paprika + roasted balsamic broccoli
BBQ meatloaf + mashed potato pancakes + green salad 
Sausage and white beans with spinach + roast potatoes and carrots
Ranch roast chicken (from Much Ado About Chicken) + wild rice with pecans + poppyseed slaw (inspired by this one, but without almonds or apple and with the addition of peas and a smidge of honey)
Lasagna + green salad + mint chocolate gelato (this is what we're having tonight because though I'm scroogey about Valentine's Day I take every opportunity to make Special Food)

Recipes available upon request. 

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