31 January 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #23

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When I share my dinner with Ellie, I feel as if I am feeding a tiny Shamu.

from The Palm Beach Post

I hurriedly cut bits of strawberry, toss them over to the bellowing beast, they disappear within a split second . . . more bellowing ensues. So it goes.


This is fun: comparing period drama costumes to street fashion.

And in the same vein, a Tumblr devoted to "recycled movie costumes."


My biggest little brother has returned to [video]blogging, with a recipe for wassail! This week's special guest: Professor Wikipedia.


Look, the proper way to tie your shoes! I will be teaching Ellie how to do this.


You knew this was coming. "Fact Checking the State of the Union Address."


Here is an excellent article written by an African woman on why the Gates Foundation's push for "universally available contraception"-- which they portray as liberating and ennobling for women-- is nothing of the sort.


Funny rabbit time: these sheep must be so confused.

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