24 January 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #22

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"You are my wimpy hamster."
-as J pats me condescendingly on the head


This week, Ellie slept all through the night, and I was all:

It only happened once. But still.

In other news, she has started to enjoy looking at (not just chewing on) her board books, her staple foods are pears and chicken, she loves watching videos of other babies-- or just herself-- and she's really excited about standing up. She hangs on to a chair, the ottoman, or something of that sort, but she always forgets that she needs support and down she tumbles.


Heh. David Malki: "Why, in my granddad’s day, blasting something in an epic rant MEANT something."

I feel the same way about delivered scathing criticism and sent a strong message. 


Great article (written by a plumber) on why we need the trades, and why more kids should step away from their whitecollar aspirations.
It seems as if dreaming of non-existent glamour jobs that require little effort for huge pay has captured the fancy of today’s youth. There is not a job out there that doesn’t have it’s difficult days but kids seem not to believe it. Worse, they rack up huge debt often getting a degree in a field they will never use.

Funny time!

Homeschool Barbie.

What if the NFL logos were hipsters?

Fake signs in the London Underground.

You've never heard One Direction like this before. The chorus had me rolling.


I thought this was good, particularly reason #4: "Eight Reasons Not to Use Graphic Images at the March For Life."

On a more cheerful note regarding pictures of babies: animals in the womb. This is cool.


This week's soundtrack has been a mashup of Keane, Adele, and WRTI.

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