03 January 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #20

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"I hate it when you're trying to put something somewhere and it doesn't . . . put."
-sometimes it's hard to be Jared


Mama, you have teeth too!

E's new tricks: pulling herself up to stand in her crib, and waving hello (at other people . . . or just at herself in the mirror). She is such a silly goose. 


Some serious links to start off: two of my friends have recently written blog posts on the challenge of trusting God through darkness, and they are well worth your time.

first, "The Sign of the Pelican":
If God is good, He is good without footnote . . . While it may be difficult or pain me to say it, even if I never receive another blessing in my life, God is still good. Even while I wait through suffering and tragedy, I trust that His goodness carries the day, eternally speaking.
Second, "The Beautiful Hard":
Loneliness becomes the deserted island inhabited by our God and Savior.  It is there that He fills us with His presence . . . The ashes become beautiful with Him.  The mourning turns to dancing with Him.  The weary become soaring eagles with Him.   Treasures in dark places . . . only God can do that.

Another link on the heavier side, but again, worth your time if you've a philosophical bent-- an On Being interview with John O'Donahue, "The Inner Landscape of Beauty." It runs from aesthetic poverty to the quality of our conversation to music's spiritual appeal. So. Get on that.


"Why It Matters That Men and Women are Different." Because I do have a philosophical bent, I love the approach she took on this.
It seems a rather obvious thing. When we treat things in accord with the way they are, the universe runs more smoothly. Which, if we gave it a try, might turn out to be a greater good than “equal opportunity.”

Obligatory 2013 summary posts are all over the web, but I liked these: the coolest science of 2013 in GIFs, and thirty-five pictures that prove the world isn't such a bad place.


Okay, silly time. The dog who is not lost. Vive la liberte!

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