20 January 2014

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 15 [baby's growing up edition]

well, some of it got in her mouth anyway
Nosh Nosh Nosh

Ellie still uses the Bumbo for bathtime, but was outgrowing it for meals. Between the chubby thighs and the cloth diapers, we could barely pry her out. Fortunately, my parents decided to give her a high chair for Christmas, and so the Graco Blossom descended upon us.

It is awesome. I stick Ellie in there while I vacuum, do dishes, exercise-- any time I need her to be contained and happy. There are three layers to the tray, it has a five point harness, it rolls around the house easily, and you can turn it into a booster seat or a toddler seat. So there.

While eating, one must be appropriately attired. She has an enormous Bumkins Junior Bib, which covers everything, but the one we use most often right now is from Make My Day. It is seamless silicone, which means NO MOLD. As someone who lives in mortal terror of mold, this truly does "make my day." Rinse it off after eating, stick it in your dish rack, all done. The wide pocket also stays completely open, catching the (many) things Ellie drops during a meal and providing us with entertainment when she then tries to fish them out again.

I haven't done any special cooking for E because I read this book and decided to let her go for the good stuff. She eats applesauce and yogurt from a spoon, but with everything else, she does the steering. Pureed peas are for the birds!


Ellie still mostly wears Carter's and Baby GAP, with some Vitamins Baby thrown in for good measure. All three fit well and offer a very cute selection (at least for little girls). Lately I have found most of her clothes on eBay.

She's got a pair of Robeez slippers for indoors, and for the rest of her shoes, I discovered that I like Pediped. Again, I check eBay for all footwear: babies barely put any wear on their shoes so why pay $30+ for a new pair?


Okay, so Ellie's favorite toys are my Camelbak and the vacuum cleaner cord  . . . and Moose. Always Moose. Apart from those, though, she enjoys the following:

These links are scattered all over our house. (They come apart easily, but what do you expect for five bucks? Little Mouse loves them. Connect three or four and they make a perfect rattle.)

She has a big box of Duplos and some Playmobil 123. Even though she's too young to understand the "building" aspect, she enjoys the colorful pieces. They are also really good for banging on the floor, which is all she really wants to do anyway.

Melissa and Doug make a cute set of washable picnic food, and she has a lot of fun with that, especially the crinkly lettuce and the squeaking watermelon. I'm not sure why she has bestowed her love upon those two items, but okay.

Miscellaneous Extras

Now that Ellie can sit up she wants to be in the shopping cart instead of the Ergo. Since I am a selective germophobe-- drop an orange slice on the kitchen floor? fine, but DO NOT TOUCH THE NASTY SHOPPING CART STRAPS-- I use this Infantino cart cover whenever we're out. It fits every cart I have tried it on, including those giants at Target.

Ellie eats quite a bit of solid food, so I figured I should start brushing her seven fangs teeth. I use an Oral-B Stage One toothbrush (it has Eeyore on it!), plus Cinnamon Earthpaste from Redmond Trading Company, and she thinks the whole process is hilarious.

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