13 January 2014

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 14 [dolled up edition]

Apart from stage makeup for ballet performances, I didn't put a thing on my face growing up. I wasn't exactly lazy, just inclined to spend my time on other things. Why stand in front of the mirror when I could be reading my AP Psychology textbook? (I know.)

Times have changed, fortunately, and I have ventured into Cosmetics Land.

I like mascara a lot, and I recently took Grace's suggestion and ordered Maybelline Full 'N Soft, in Very Black because my lashes need all help available. Thumbs up thus far: thick and dark as you would expect, though it can clump and you do need to watch out for smudging from mascara that clings to the wand. I still refuse to wear eyeliner, though.

While looking at some pictures this fall, I realized that my blonde eyebrows tend to vanish into my forehead-- so I now own an eyebrow pencil (which definitely solidifies my place in the world of adults). I picked Maybelline's Expert Wear in blonde. It's inexpensive and I like the color. Turns out that this particular step takes very little time and has quite a nice effect.

I'm a lipstick novice, but I like Maybelline Peachy Scene. (See a pattern? I actually didn't realize that I owned so many Maybelline products.) Other recommendations welcome. As for the lip balm that goes beneath it, I am a big fan of Burts' Bees, particularly the one with honey.

In the rest of the makeup bag I've got some nice stuff that I have been using forever: concealer and powder from Sorme. Since I don't apply very much, and because I've gone through periods when, due to my skin, I just have avoided cosmetics altogether, it lasts a long time. I am not in love with it though, and once I'm out I want to try Faerie.

Hair has always been my nemesis. Mine is fine and slippery; it barely holds a curl, gets flyaways easily, and sometimes resembles dishwater. I used to wish my hair was red, like my best friend's. (Or, you know, Jessica Chastain's.) I like my blonde now but it's no easier to work with. While I was pregnant I was boiling hot all the time and stuck my hair in a high bun every day; after Ellie was born I decided to get a good haircut, talk to my stylist about which products to use, and put some effort into it. Just like the eyebrow pencil thing, it wasn't as hard as I thought.

I'd always assumed that I should use a hydrating shampoo, but my hairdresser told me no. I should use a normal one and throw in the occasional clarifying treatment for good measure (thanks Beth!). Now I use Kiss My Face Whenever plus a wee bit of Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner for everyday washing, and Avalon Organics Lemon every two weeks to get out any buildup.

And I am packing some serious product: Redken Guts mousse, and It's a 10 hairspray.

Phew . . .  that is a lot.

Your turn. What good beauty products would you like to share with the world?


  1. This is a great post! I want to try that Redken Guts mousse now. My hair is also super fine and takes way too long to curl, but a girl can only wear a high bun so many times before it gets old, right?

    The brow pencil sounds awesome too! I had one that worked fine, a Wet N' Wild brow/eye liner pencil, but those are either too dark for my brows or too light to line my eyes.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    Two things I do love: Bumble & Bumble shampoo (i've forgotten which one!) and coconut conditioner. They're expensive, but I got a travel size and they lasted me almost a year! Also Christophe argon oil. $11 for a trial size at Rite Aid that has lasted me two years. I put it on my ends before blow drying, and it helps with flyaways & speeds up drying.

  2. Argan oil... great idea. I use it on my face sometimes but never thought to put it on my ends, which definitely get dry!

  3. Ooh, I've never put it on my face! Does it work sort of like coconut oil?

  4. Lipstick is one of my absolute favorite things EVER. You can be wearing an "I don't care and want to stay home" outfit and then BAM you put on lipstick and all the sudden you are put together. I am all about maximum bang with minimum work.

  5. It's lighter-- less likely to clog pores, in my experience, and it doesn't make me feel greasy. My face hated every single moisturizer I tried while I was pregnant (I had terrible eczema) but argan oil worked!