20 December 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #18

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When I was first considering how to introduce Ellie to solid food, I figured I'd do a combination of Baby Led Weaning (letting the child feed herself with pieces of "real" food) and the traditional pureed, spoonfed stuff.

Well. BLW is so easy and Ellie likes it so much that purees have yet to make an appearance.

It's fun to give Ellie pieces of our dinner and watch her carefully manipulate it with her chubby fingers. Thus far she has enjoyed broccoli, oranges, green beans, zucchini, mango, apple, bananas, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, carrot, pineapple, oatmeal pancakes, eggs, rice pasta, and any kind of chicken-- including chicken with ras al hanout or spicy coconut broth all over it! Not afraid of flavor, this girl.

She does not like avocado, kiwi, or anything that you try to give her on a spoon. Except for whipped cream.

She still nurses a lot, but she gets a bit of solid food about three times a day.

I typically make myself fried eggs and a smoothie in the morning. Now that she knows she's allowed to share, she gets really excited when I sit down next to her with my plate of eggs, and flaps her arms anxiously until I cut her a piece of yolk and hand it over.


Here's some incredible photography of individual snowflakes.


JFK, the Mandela funeral, and everyday coincidences that we only notice in a crisis. "Man is good at finding patterns, sometimes where there is only noise. At a more sophisticated level, people don't always act the way we expect them to. When you put these together, you can find a lot of things that look like well-planned cover-ups."


Oh, Mr Obama. Pajama Boy was not a good idea.


Just in time for the holiday: how to survive "Christmas Shoes." I just turn the radio off.


Even Prince Charles knows that Christians are being violently targeted in the Middle East, and that the media isn't covering it. (I do, however, disagree with his characterization of Islam as a religion fundamentally based on love and human rights.)


"Based on a True Story? Fact Checking Six Oscar Contenders."

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