13 December 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #17

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We are all Christmas'd up in here. Tree decorated, Nativity set, wreath on the door, candles-- even snow! And half the presents are wrapped already!

In the midst of present-wrapping, Ellie finds a treasure.

I'm one of the die-hards who refuse to turn on the holiday music before December 1st. Now, however, you'll hear it quite a lot. :) We have been especially enjoying Phil Wickham's Christmas album.

Ancient city discovered underwater. Do I need to say more?


Wait But Why tells you how to name your baby. Haha. I am definitely in Category #1. Jared leans toward Category #3, but I lured him over to my side this time 'round.


If you had to take the American Citizenship test, would you pass?


Three thoughtful pieces for when you have time to read. First, "A Non-Religious Case Against Same-Sex Marriage" by Michael Bauman (who is incidentally a prof at Hillsdale GO CHARGERS).

Second, "Kitsch and the Kitchen Sink: Andrew Wyeth and Thomas Kinkade" by Dwight Longenecker.

Third, "On Football, Warrior Culture, and Manhood" by Owen Strachan.


Is the "new and improved" Obamacare really any better? Nope. "Someday, when it comes to the rollout of Obamacare, I will assume that things cannot possibly get worse, and blessedly, I will be right."


Now everyone should go goggle over the pictures from my little brother's wedding. Because PRETTY. And HAPPY. And YAY.

(And because Ellie has a cameo and it is hilarious.)

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