16 December 2013

the essence of family.

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It's true. Remember this post?

I do feel kinda sorry for the people who marry into our clan. Because half of our conversations consist of inside jokes.

But I love that. We have a very distinct family culture, thanks to a number of factors (primarily homeschooling, which allowed us to cultivate our weird sense of humor nearly 24/7, and parents who insisted that we get along rather than hide in our rooms).

I'd like to create such a culture in my own nest too. Shared memories and rituals that bind us-- Jared and me, and our children-- together in a way that genetics alone can't.

Daily Odd Compliment Tumblr

I find these connections particularly important in an increasingly rootless world.

In every aspect of life, we seem to be wandering. This world has misplaced its moral compass. It pretends that history is one vast Dark Age, thereby cutting us loose from the past, and its continual discontent fosters instability in our personal lives. While a strong family culture is not the ultimate solution, I do see it as a way to fight back against the chaos.

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  1. That's so true. Playing CatchPhrase on the same team as my brother literally seemed like cheating.