08 November 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #13

Linked up with ye olde Conversion Diary.


Green beans: not just for eating anymore.

(That pathetic specimen is what you get after 10 minutes of slobbering, squeezing, and whacking from a seven-month-old. She didn't actually consume any of it. It afforded us a relatively peaceful dinnertime, though.)


World War II on Twitter!


I could probably link you to something by Matt Walsh every single week. He's bold, sometimes over the top, but also very well worth the read. I appreciate his willingness to say what a lot of the rest of us are thinking!

This time, stop telling other people how to raise their children. "As far as I can tell, from my own .000000001 percent experience, there is only one strategy that absolutely every parent in the world ought to adopt: love your children. Love them . . . The opinions of the self-appointed jury don’t matter, because those people don’t love your kids. Not like you do. They also don’t know them. Not like you do. They speak in the abstract, based on their experience with their own children. But their own children aren’t your children, and the distinction is absolutely relevant."

(Reminds me of this funny onesie. I wouldn't go quite that far, as I actually appreciate advice, but I would say: don't expect me to implement all your suggestions. I will certainly listen to you, but in the end, I'm the mom and this is my baby!)


"Let's Not Cut Christ to Pieces": Michael Horton on truth and homosexuality in Christianity Today. "It's precisely because our bodies are too important to the biblical drama that they cannot be exempted from biblical discipleship."




So sweet: "One Day Young," portraits of mothers and babies one day postpartum. We have pictures of me and (a very squishy) Ellie that early on, but they aren't nearly as beautiful as these. :)


If you enjoy natural living resources-- from real food recipes to homemade skin care to medicinal herbs and essential oils-- you might be interested in an amazing deal available right now: The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. For only $29.97, you get over $1000 worth of e-books, video courses, and live conference calls with super-smart people. Not to mention cool bonuses . . . like a free sourdough starter!

I purchased this bundle and wanted to share the opportunity with ya'll too. Honestly, the bonuses alone make it worthwhile. (Like the $15 coupon for Trilight Health, where I was going to place an order anyway this winter. That coupon recoups half of the bundle price already!) Of course, I am psyched about the 86 e-books too. Believe me, I will actually use this stuff.

 If you'd like to check it out, know that there are only 2 days left: the deal ends tomorrow.


  1. Julie@teachinggoodeaters08 November, 2013 13:38

    First of all, I love the pictures of your daughter with the green bean. Her expression is priceless! Secondly, love that post by Matt Walsh. I've read many of his, but not that one. "Love your children. Love them, and everything else will fall into place." I think this should be plastered on billboards… or at least all over Facebook ;)

  2. So how did you choose between the Healthy Living Bundle package and the Fall into Health package??? :-) http://villagegreennetwork.com/fall-into-health-autumn-sale/?AFFID=114831&subid=day1

  3. haha... I did look at that one. But I decided that it was more specific to allergies or particular health issues. It was also a lot more ambitious. We aren't on the GAPS diet, aren't strict Paleo, and don't "homestead" to any degree (okay, except for the tomato jungle out back) so I would not use nearly as many of those resources.