21 October 2013

you put what in your smoothie?!

Still loving the Blendtec. You'll find us dumping plenty of normal ingredients into our breakfast smoothies: yogurt, blueberries, frozen bananas (I purposefully buy too many bananas and freeze the overripe extras). Often more exotic things sneak in too, like grapefruit chunks or whole kiwi, along with the typical "health nut" stuff like coconut milk, kefir, and flax seeds.

And then there are the really weird ingredients: sliced cucumbers, raw carrots, Roma tomatoes, cooked sweet potatoes, cold espresso, lime slices.

Not all in the same smoothie. But still.

The vegetables were actually Jared's idea. Cukes give a fresh, light flavor; carrots, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes all have natural sugars that blend seamlessly with fruit. The espresso made its way in when we brewed too much for breakfast, the limes when we bought too many for guacamole. Both are delicious.

(I don't know how things would turn out without a Blendtec or Vitamix, but with one, there aren't ever any weird textures from the vegetable peels or seeds.)

Finally, I have to take bentonite clay for six weeks as I try to deal with a gluten allergy. I eyed it up for a while-- what am I supposed to do with you?-- and then decided to put some in my smoothie. Works perfectly. I was afraid that it would taste like dirt, but nothing of the sort. Adding some raw honey really helps.

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