18 October 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #10

Linked up with Conversion Diary.


"You know, you're allowed to think about happy things sometimes."
-Jared after yet another wifely meltdown over a theoretical disaster


What Ellie lacks in size she makes up for in volume. She's essentially a baby foghorn.

And she's so cute I can't STAND it.


They say this might be the world's most romantic proposal. Eh, it's fun to watch . . . but I liked just having me and Jared. I am a private person in some ways (despite having a blog).


Ooh, interesting: perimortem C-sections may not only save babies, but when done quickly, increase maternal survival rates as well.


Nothing like a good insult to liven up your day. Twenty-one disparaging remarks by classical composers about their unfortunate peers. "I liked the opera very much. Everything but the music."


Because I know you have nothing better to do: I wrote a guest post for The Mirror.


Ah, excellent: seventeen overly optimistic book titles. Didn't you want to know how to find uranium?

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