17 October 2013

pretty happy funny real #9


The basil is blooming. I have several quarts of pesto in the freezer, so I let the plants go and now they're providing some fall beauty. :)


We found a great chest freezer on Craigslist. Now I can buy massive amounts of shredded cheese and chicken thighs!


Owls are the style world's animal du jour, as you can see by looking at Ellie's outfit. Without even trying, I ended up putting her in an owl diaper, an owl onesie, and owl leg warmers!


Things in our room . . . returns, "for Goodwill," "to sell on Craigslist," so on and so forth.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I need a chest freezer. I'm trying to freeze meals for baby's arrival, but I think three or four will be about all that I can fit!

    Owls are cute. Cuter, probably, than the ducks that were so popular in the early 90's when "country" was in (my mom was actually asked by a visiting Christian foreigner who had observed that fowl in many American homes, "Ah-- are ducks part of your religion?").