29 September 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #7

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Have you ever noticed that the same themes come up across all genres of music? They sing about the same things, just in different ways and with their own spin. Rap, country, r&b, pop . . .

::thinks for a while::

Well, I don't know about polka.


Teeth! They are fully in and ready to gnaw everything in sight. Jared has let her sample a lot of fruit lately; she approved of the banana and mango, not so much the kiwi.

She loves to play, whether that means tickling, "flying," playing peekaboo, pretending to eat her up, or rolling around on the bed. It's pretty easy to make her laugh now. When we're silly with her, she starts smiling bigger and bigger, until she breaks out in the most adorable spasm of giggles.

How is my baby six months already?


What your neighborhood listserv tells you about the demise of America, and other cheerful reflections on the state of childhood today.

Also regarding childhood, some important information on developmental hip displasia and how to choose car seats, carriers, and swaddling techniques to avoid it.

This is the cutest. J already tried giving her ice cream . . . not interested.


What's the difference between women preaching and women blogging? Some helpful thoughts, in my complementarian blogger opinion.

More humorous ecclesiastical reading: accidental worship heresies. Definitely made me chuckle.


In the "ooh, science!" department: Scout the robotic boat is making its way across the Atlantic, from Massachussetts to the Spanish port from which Columbus sailed.

Michael Crichton on the wishful science behind global warming.


Skirtification of the week, with Ellie thrown in for good measure:

Shirt: Land's End
Skirt: Target
Necklace: a gift to me after Ellie was born
E's corduroys: Baby GAP
E's shirt: Left Bank Babies

Shirt: GAP
Skirt: GAP again
Tights: Marshall's
E's outfit: Carter's 

Dress: Old Navy
Cami: Ann Taylor
Sweater: undecipherable designer brand via Marshall's
E's shirts: Carter's and Little Me
E's leggings: Carter's 

Shirt: GAP outlet
Skirt: H&M
Headband: no idea
E's shirt: Old Navy
E's pants: Babies R Us Organic

Dress: Banana Republic
Cami: Old Navy
Necklace: H&M
Tights: random off-brand
Shoes: ancient
E's dress: Old Navy

All of Ellie's bibs and socks come from Green Sprouts and Trumpette, respectively. I love them. Also, I have a really limited range of stores, don't I? Guess I know what fits me. :)


"Hashtag." HAHAHA.


  1. Cuuuute outfits! And the baby too haha

  2. Polka is mostly about beer. And....nope, mostly beer.