20 September 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #6

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From our family vacation last week-- conversations between my sisters-in-law Kim and Lori, and their children C and A.

Kim: What's wrong, C?
C: My sticky bun is too sweet. I don't want it.
Kim: Okay. What would you like for breakfast instead?
C: Um . . . can I have some carrots?

A: How long until we get home?
Lori: Four hours, honey.
A: That is sooo long!
Lori: Or you could say it's 240 minutes.
A: That's even worser!


Ellie is developing a sense of humor. It's so much fun to watch her laugh at things (her reflection in the mirror, playing peek-a-boo, splashing wildly in the bath) and smile impishly when she knows she's entertaining us.

She learned how to stick out her tongue this week, too, so that happens all the time.


Couldn't ordinary be the new radical? Jared and I have talked a lot about how the people we respect the most aren't necessarily the ones with flashy spiritual resumes. They are, most often, the ones who have faithfully gone to work, loved their families, and trusted in the Lord year after year. Those who-- to mangle Voltaire-- lived quietly and cultivated their garden.

Speaking of flashy vs. faithful, watch this video from DG on Chris Norman, an outstanding football player who turned down the NFL to go to seminary.


Famous authors narrate the funny pages. The Joyce is rather brilliant.

Other amusing writings: a prank college admissions essay, written by a dad on behalf of his seven year old son.


The story of Hubble's first deep space image.


Some skirts!

Tank top: Target
Dress: Old Navy

Top: Ann Taylor
Sweater: Target
Skirt: GAP

Shirt: GAP outlet
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Goodwill
Headband: ancient
Drool spots: c/o Ellie
Horrible evening lighting: you're welcome


I love these things: a day in the life of a stormtrooper figurine.

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