13 September 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #5

Linked up with Seven Quick Takes.


"I know I'm supposed to love you and serve you and lay down my life for you, but not on vacation."
-best husband ever


On vacation we are, indeed. Ellie's enjoyed dabbling her toes in the pool and laughing as Jared pops out of the water in front of her. The ocean interests her, but she's not as excited about splashing in it. When we go on walks along the shore, she often dozes off on my shoulder. I suppose the waves soothe her, and her big sunhat blocks out the light!


In the "people never cease to amuse" department: how Greg Packer waged a successful campaign to be the most quoted man in the news.

Peggy Lee's "Fever" twelve ways. Which is your favorite? (Justin Bieber is mine, especially as the bassist tries to stifle his laugh in the background.)

Airplane bathroom art. No really, it's great.


Thoughts on privacy for mommy bloggers. I've been considering this carefully, and have actually filed through my archives and erased some of the clearer identification markers for myself and Ellie. I don't think I will be giving Little Mouse a permanent pseudonym, but I do want to be careful.

And as you write, keep these eight new and much-needed punctuation marks in mind . . .


In the "science is coolio" department: psychiatry in your stomach, and putting the globe's entire supply of water into one ice cube.


My skirts recently-- only a few, due to beaching it this week:

Skirt: H&M
Tank top: Old Navy
Shirt: Old Navy

Shirt: Target
Dress: Old Navy
Coffee: thank you husband

Shirt: Target
Skirt: Target


Kim Riddlebarger on the Middle East prophecy pundits.


  1. Love how your holding the coffee cup demurely aloft in the green dress pic. Very cute.

  2. I really like the green maxi dress!

  3. I think the beach is a good no-skirt excuse ;)

    Thanks for linking up!



  4. Love the green dress! And the beach is the best!

  5. Erika (rejoicefortheday.com)17 September, 2013 17:12

    The last outfit is my favorite. Enjoy the beach!

  6. The coffee cup is the perfect accessory. I'm still loving that gray H&M skirt!
    Kristin :)