06 September 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #4

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We do crosswords on long car trips.

Me: All right, the clue is "single." Has three letters, the second is N.
Jared. Um . . . one?
Me: Oh.
Jared: It's okay. The easy ones are too far below your intelligence level. That's what I'm here for.


That long trip was to see my grandma in Ohio-- eight hours each way. We had no idea how Little Mouse would do, and got a pleasant surprise when she spent almost the entire car ride sleeping or playing. Only a little fussing, and usually, that was just to tell us that she was hungry.

here we be!

I have started to give her big pieces of food so she can chomp on them while we eat our own meal. She enjoys sugar peas and apple slices, which are large enough for her to grasp, but not mushy or juicy. She just scrapes her teeth around and licks the surface. It's entertaining to say the least.


Wow, Slate is killing it with the stupid-head articles. First, let's sue the parents who do their research and reach different conclusions than the medical establishment. Now, let's shame the parents who do their research and decide not to feed their children to their local public education machine. Hurray!

On a more constructive note re: education, you should watch this clip of Stephen Colbert interviewing Richard Brodhead.


I don't think that the Bible forbids women to wear pants, and I own my fair share of 'em. But!! I love that men and women are so different and I enjoy doing or wearing things that strike me as particularly feminine. A dress makes me feel especially girly-- so I'm participating (as best I can) in Skirtember, a challenge to wear skirts or dresses every day in September. I only have a few, so I'll have to exercise my creativity to style them differently every day.

Here is this week's collection, along with our bedroom in various states of disarray:

Shirt: Old Navy
Tank top: Old Navy
Skirt: H&M

Shirt: GAP outlet
Skirt: GAP from forever and ever ago

Shirt: Lands' End
Skirt: H&M

Tank top: Target
Sweater: Coldwater Creek
Skirt: Target


Eleven untranslatable words from various languages.


In the "people are awesome" department: first, the history of Britain in LEGO.

Second, eighteen everyday objects you've been using wrong. Some of these are almost literally mindblowing. #1, #12, and #15 are my favorites.


In the "eating" department: is SNAP really all that restrictive? I don't know. I would have a hard time buying all our food for that much money, at least, the food we eat now. If that was my budget we'd have less meat, more beans and eggs. Things like Kerrygold butter and organic kale would have to go. We'd still eat pretty well, though.

Second, fanciest apple pie ever.


  1. LOVE the H&M skirt.

  2. Great outfits!! Thanks for participating so far!!


  3. Cute outfits! I need an H&M in my area. I love printed skirts like the Gap one too.

    Kristin :)