30 August 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #3

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::Jared is holding Ellie and she is wiggling all over the place::

"Ellie, you are like a good IPA . . . a thick head and very hoppy."


We have toofers! Ellie's two bottom incisors popped up this past week. And are they ever SHARP.

We also have a jumper. She's very excited about it. The funny thing is, sometimes you put her in and she starts fussing, but as she kicks her feet in frustration she begins to bounce up and down . . . and then, thoroughly distracted, she forgets about being sad.

What we do not have: a full night's sleep.


The value of daily rituals. "If we make prayer a habit before we go to bed, hopefully we will come to need that ritual simply by the fact that it is what we have always done. I think of that often, and am learning to consider what habits to build in our new home so that in ten years, we will still be holding onto them dearly. Daily rituals are those that we do over and over again, but that provide us with a new glimpse into the world and the lives around us."


Here's an interesting article on the effects of ADHD medicines on the "sports gene."

Along the same lines-- medicating children's personalities for the sake of uniformity-- "School Has Become Hostile to Boys." As if I needed another reason to homeschool. Sorry, public schoolers, no offense meant. But suspending a boy for pretending his Pop-tart is a gun? Um.


Beautiful and true thoughts on committed love. "Before you can make high towers, it’s best to build a good strong base. It comes from laughter, empathy, forgiveness, accepting the other person’s struggle, and knowing yourself. But sometimes . . . Things get shaky and start to wobble. There is always a way to rebuild if you’re willing."


This author thinks that Jared and I should be prosecuted if Ellie gets the measles and a child she interacts with also gets sick. Awesome. (What I want to know is, if Ellie picks up the flu from a vaxxed kid who sheds the virus, can we sue that kid's parents? And pray, o wise author, why can't manufacturers be held criminally liable for vaccine damage?)


Now for some laughs after all that seriousness!

Mustaches and monocles, or, hipsters will never fail as a punch line. "The trendier and more retro-thinking Mustache & Monocle readers will start ironing the magazine to set the ink the way butlers did in the great English houses. Bed, Bath, and Beyond will put out special-edition irons and snag a famous butler as their infomercial spokesperson. They’ll try to get Downton Abbey’s Mr. Carson, but they’ll have to settle for Daniel Davis from The Nanny."

If you are at all familiar with NFP: charting postpartum and hormones in milk.

Looking for advice? Ask the past!


  1. You're a hoot! You like to feed people physically and mentally, right?

  2. RebekahRandolph30 August, 2013 13:32

    That I do :)

  3. I think with your weekend linkage, you were probably the original Friday quick takes writer.

  4. RebekahRandolph30 August, 2013 16:31

    haha! shall I demand a cut of the proceeds? ...oh wait. no proceeds.

  5. Love that quote by Jared about an IPA. Too much!