23 August 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #2

Linked up with Conversion Diary's Seven Quick Takes.


Me: What do you want to order from Himalayan? Mango chicken, lamb korma, lamb rogan josh . . .
Jared: No, I do not want lamb Josh Groban.


We bought Ellie a Bumbo (Craigslist be the bomb) and she's pretty good at sitting up in it. I love how her little feet stick out. Just got the tray from Amazon, and that's even better-- if she drops her toy it doesn't fall all the way to the floor.


Wearing who you really are. "I desire to be the woman that He created me to be—not the woman whom I think I want to be or the woman the world tells me that I should be. It brings me great joy to think of the detailed design and intricate effort that God put forth when making me. I’m so glad that I don’t have to aspire to be anyone else other than that woman God wants me to be. You don’t have to seek anyone else’s approval for the life God has given you to live."


Cultivating simplicity in the home. "I think we're accustomed to large homes in this country. But in reality, a lot of us, out of necessity or choice, prefer small spaces - spaces that require less of our time and are therefore, easier to live in. However, little houses get filled easily . . . If you don't stay vigilant piles of "things" start to sprout from the table, windowsills, benches, door handles."


Thoughts on the real point of homeschooling.


Forty maps of the world, but not just geographical . . . how about a map of common European surnames? Or of global bribery rates?


"I hate strong female characters." Lots of good brain fodder in here.

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