16 August 2013

Weekend linkage // 7QT #1

I might as well join all the cool peoples and link up with Seven Quick Takes.


"Are these face diapers or butt diapers?"
-Jared tries to distinguish between Ellie's diapers and burp cloths


Ellie is a sillyhead. She makes us laugh all the time. The newest sources of entertainment: she discovered how to play with toys,

or at least grab and gnaw them.

Her babbling now includes consonants. So instead of just "ahhhh ooooh" it's more "aaahabeeemaaadooolamayeeedevaaalooo." Such sophistication for one so young! If you babble back at her, she rewards you with a huge smile.

She loves it when you tickle her or play any sort of peek-a-boo game.

And she's been doing this frantic opening-and-closing of the mouth whenever she's hungry. Like a fish, Jared says.


Two links on health for you. First, from a good one from Mark's Daily Apple: what happens when you are paralyzed by analysis. "Sure, if you drink coffee brewed from wash-processed, single-origin microlot beans grown at the perfect altitude, handpicked by canopy-raised howler monkeys, and roasted at the local 3rd wave roasters who have a time machine that lets them roast beans in the future and therefore ensure the freshest coffee possible, it’s going to be really good and probably healthier and more antioxidant-rich, but I don’t think everyone needs to drink it to enjoy coffee."

Second, an article from National Geographic about our global sugar addiction. Lots of fascinating history, plus the science of sugar-induced illness. "Recently the American Heart Association added its voice to the warnings against too much added sugar in the diet. But its rationale is that sugar provides calories with no nutritional benefit. According to Johnson and his colleagues, this misses the point. Excessive sugar isn’t just empty calories; it’s toxic."


So good: Drowning Safe In His Arms. "My Father created me for His glory, for the good of His Kingdom, exactly as I am. I am in need of nothing but Him."


Oh, this is interesting: a visual representation of the fluctuating power of empires throughout history.

Did I say interesting? I should have qualified with "if you are a dork like me."

At least I know my brothers will like it. They tend to have hours-long discussions about the relative merits of ancient Abyssinian weaponry, or whatever.


What to say when there's nothing to say: responding gently to grief and loss. Very helpful, especially if, like me, you always want to "fix" the situation.


Diane Rehm interviewed Ricky Skaggs yesterday on her show, and it was super, not only because of the great music but because he pretty much proclaimed the gospel right there on public radio. I cheered.


  1. Wow, I guess Sarah's blog post went viral. I know her husband, James Kinnard - he works at Crossway Publishers and they go to Sovereign Grace church in Oswego, IL. I enjoyed her first post about "How is too hard," and I want to read this one you linked to as well. Thanks for the reminder to check it out!

    1. Tim Challies picked it up- that's how I found it. :)

  2. or like uncle Luke
    Nom nom nom nom....
    You know how it goes