08 August 2013

pretty happy funny real #6


Flowers from my mommy.


Happy birthday to me! Jared got me a radio, so now I can listen to NPR and be a well-informed individual.


Baby in a basket. When I carry the laundry in from the washline, I just put her on top! She thinks it's  fun.


Supposed to be taking a nap. Throwing a fit instead.

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  1. Baby in a laundry basket! So cute. :)

  2. Whenever my secondborn would cry I would throw (not literally, of course) him into a basket of just out of the dryer clothes and he would stop immediately. That was back in the day of using a dryer though. I don't think it would have quite the same effect since I use the clothesline 3 seasons of the year. :-)

  3. Baby in a basket is so precious, she is darling (even when throwing a fit).

  4. It's funny.
    The Wilhelm genes must be attracted to clothes hampers.
    I believe I have a couple pictures of her uncles and perhaps her mother doing the "hamper head"