26 July 2013

Weekend linkage

Me: Ellie, you sure have a lot of personality for someone so little.
Jared: Look who's talking, mommy!


Life with Ellie: No sooner had I rejoined the gluten crowd than we discovered that Ellie reacts to wheat. She developed a dry, red rash on her upper arms a few weeks ago, and when I took her to my doctor (my dad calls him the witch doctor, I call him brilliant) he tested her for allergies and wheat came up. Sure enough, once I stopped consuming it the rash started to fade away. So it's goodbye to bread once more.

Not altogether a bad thing. Gluten gives me a brick belly if I eat too much, and I always end up eating too much. Buy me a scone and I'll take the whole bakery . . .  or something like that.


Wondering which Shakespeare play to read next? Of course you are! A helpful infographic.


"A Different Kind of Coming Out."

Ugh, I agree: "Terrible Things Are Happening to the American Girl Doll." I'm going to get my Samantha refurbished for Ellie in a few years. I loved (and learned a ton from) those historical dolls and think that the modern ones are just goofy.


Don't swim here.

Stephen Colbert has the definitive word on the royal baby, as he does on most everything.

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