19 July 2013

Weekend linkage

"Ellie, no complaining. Only Daddy is allowed to complain around here."
-to his fussy daughter


Life with Ellie: Nocturnal snacks have become a regular occurrence again: somewhere between 3 and 6 AM she wakes up, takes a bit of refreshment, and goes back to bed.

I don't really mind because it only takes twenty minutes, and besides, I think she is super cute when she's so drowsy. She keeps her eyes open just long enough to see me, then nestles up and starts nursing herself to sleep. During the day she never sleeps in my arms-- only in her carseat, her crib, or the Ergo-- so I enjoy these sweet moments in the (very) early hours. Anyway, she is such a little thing that I figure she can use all the milk she can get.


THis is a hilarious look at the United States-Canada border.

Enough is Enough: "'The internet really has changed the world completely.' Pray tell, what is 'the world'? Seriously, I want to know what people mean by this. If 'the world' has been changed completely, why does the silver maple outside my window still stand as it has for decades? Why is the gazpacho at Emilio’s as good as it was when I first tasted it, twenty-five years ago? Why does the prose of Sir Thomas Browne still delight me as it did when I first encountered it at age nineteen? Why do I still love my wife?"

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