07 July 2013

Weekend linkage

{7 AM: Jared is about to leave for work}
J: Do you want a back rub this evening?
Me: Of course.

{7 PM: Jared is reading a book}
Me: So how about that back rub.
J: Oh, the one you were going to give me?



Life with Ellie: She has been babysat several times now. Always by one of her grandmas, of whom she seems to approve. I have a harder time with it than she does! I feel weird without a baby in tow. Something very important is missing-- it's almost like I forgot to put on my pants. :) And although Ellie likes other people just fine, only I am her mom, and only I know exactly what she'll want and what that particular scrunch of the forehead means. Even if I only leave for an hour, I keep thinking about her, hoping she is okay. She has worked herself into me and I can't ever leave.

Umm . . . happy Fourth of July?

She's really into standing up: she grabs my hands and pushes as hard as she can with those skinny legs, looking so proud of herself. Of course, she's also into chewing on things. If she can get it clutched in her fist, to the mouth it goes, whether it be a bib, a blanket, or Mama's hand! So her standing exercises usually end with her gumming industriously on my finger, which is so interesting that she forgets to hold her back straight and folds in half . . . still chomping away.

Today her naps have been interrupted several times by inadvertent roll-overs. She'll be sleeping soundly, but wiggling as usual (it makes you wonder what exciting things she could be dreaming about!) and sooner or later, her arms and legs get into the right configuration for a flip. Onto her back she goes, and then we hear surprised crying from upstairs.

If this continues, our nights of uninterrupted sleep may be coming to an end.


Ten lies about food.

Lovely article on the goodness of the home. "A lively home is built out of small things and sometimes we misunderstand, and we think that home is a small thing."

Just one letter can make all the difference . . .

Great Britain? England? The crown? Here's how to tell.

In case you ever want to pretend to be Gretel von Trapp.

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  1. An excellent survey of links this week. Quite enjoyable.