25 July 2013

pretty happy funny real #4


Two weeks ago we (and by we I mean Jared) hung our chalkboard in the dining room. It's the only thing we have on the walls as of yet-- half our stuff still needs to be framed anyway.


I haven't made yogurt for, I don't know, probably a year. Once morning sickness started, I was in no mood to deal with hot milk and towels at 11 PM. And now that I am feeling up to snuff again, BB's has been selling perfectly good plain yogurt for cheaper than I can make it! This brand is excellent. Zero weird additives.

The best part, though?

Yep. Two for a dollar.

If you don't live in Lancaster and therefore don't have access to the marvelous thing known as Amish discount grocery stores, well, sorry.


This girl's hair. It gets better all the time.


About two months ago I took down the super-springy pastel wreath we had on the door, and set out to make a new one. This is how far I got. I just don't feel like buying anything else to put on it! Suggestions?

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  1. No suggestions, I just like this post. And if it makes you feel any better, we're not done hanging things in our house, either. And we've been here over a year.

  2. Love the wreath. That is such a me thing to do. My kids collected pine cones for a wreath on our walks for months before I finally made the darn thing. If it's any consolation, it looks pretty as is. Just very simple. :) -- Bridget Green

  3. I think the Ellie is getting a bit chubbier....
    The chalkboard at our house has become communication device #1.