28 June 2013

Weekend linkage

Life with Ellie: Lately she has been practicing two new life skills. First there's singing, which consists of such melodious sounds as "aahhhAHHHHaaahhh . . . ooo!!! . . . ahhhEHHHHH . . ."

Can you believe this hair?!

It is so cute to hear her experiment with her voice. I can hardly remember the early weeks when all she could produce was a loud, frantic cry. Now she can carry on quite a conversation.

Well, and there's crying too, sometimes. But not very often. It's more fun to practice smiling.

She's got her happy pants on.

Her second newly-acquired skill is standing up. She has realized that while I'm holding her she can push with her legs and help support herself. Of course, she's still bowlegged and so ends up looking rather like a cowgirl-- or a sumo wrestler. And after four or five seconds she decides that it's toooo hard and collapses back down onto my lap.

So there.

Babies are a lot funnier than I gave them credit for.


Speaking of funny, look at this bird.

The most famous brand from every state.

Russell Moore on this week's SCOTUS rulings regarding same-sex marriage. "The gay and lesbian people in your community aren’t part of some global Gay Agenda conspiracy. They aren’t super-villains in some cartoon. They are, like all of us, seeking a way that seems right to them . . . Some will be disappointed by what they thought would answer their quest for meaning. Will our churches be ready to answer?"

If you've never read GOOP, ha! You should. I get the newsletter, which sometimes has useful beautiful things, but mostly just because it makes me laugh. So pretentious. (We found the perfect pair of jeans for afternoon jaunts to the art gallery, and they're on sale for only $395! Then when you come home you can whip up these limoncello chevre canapes while the nanny irons your bath towels!)

Speaking of laughing at pretension: "My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter." Her name is Quinoa. Need I say more?

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