07 June 2013

Weekend linkage

"You know, she really looks like Jabba the Hutt in there."
-regarding Ellie in her carseat

"Ellie, what are you going to do with all your chins?"
-mean daddy

"Don't worry, she can't go anywhere-- she's in the halfpipe."
-when Ellie was lying on her changing table

"Hey! No TV until you're thirteen!"
-when he noticed her staring at the screen while we watched White Collar

"I have a new rule: quiche must always contain bacon."
-after I made this for dinner


Life with Ellie: What did moms do before the internet? I have searched so many things since she was born, including "open fontanelles infant" (turns out it's normal to see her pulse at the soft spot), "live vaccine list" (plus lots of other vaccine-y things), "baby feeding schedule" (am I doing this right?!), and "mastitis treatment" (ugh). All hail the Google.

Goodbye pacifier-- Ellie now loves her thumb. She always ends up sucking it in her crib at night. I'm glad, because I think it helps her to calm down and fall asleep on her own. My finger, Jared's shirt, and the straps of the Ergo are all acceptable thumb substitutes.

Also, an alarming development: one night I laid her down in the crib and a few minutes later she started screaming like she was frightened or even in pain. When Jared went to check on her, he called down the hallway, "Did you put her on her back?"

No, I did not.

So apparently our two-month-old figured out how to roll over. No wonder she sounded scared-- I am sure it was quite a shock! She hasn't done it again so I'm hoping that she forgot how. :) Not that I object to her precocity, but it will be rather annoying to have her flipping herself over like a beetle and then wailing because she can't get to sleep.


Oh, lovely. GMO wheat is invading fields in Oregon and Monsanto has no idea (?!!) how it got there. I am not hardcore about avoiding GMOs, but they really don't seem like a good idea to me. I tend to be cautious when it comes to scientific "innovations" regarding food and medicine.

I'd love to do this to our basement stairs.

T-Rex has prequel ideas!

Contracts are no guarantee of love: "Getting everything that you think is coming to you sounds great, but it's nothing more than a prison.  Good marriages crack that prison open."

The gift of siblings: "They’re less tailored fits than friends are. But in a family that’s succeeded at closeness, they’re more natural, better harbors."


  1. She's so cute. And don't worry too much...Callan rolled over once and then didn't again for like two more months. :)

  2. Emma also slept on her back, and also started rolling over accidentally. When she started doing it at night in her sleep, it became a problem. Since she only rolled to the left, I started putting her left side right up against the side of her crib, and that supported her.