27 May 2013

Weekend... stuff

"You are my delicate chain-smoking flower."


'ello there!
Life with Ellie: She slept really well this week. I'm excited-- once she even went for 6 hours straight. (I don't say this to brag about our stellar parenting method, because we don't have one. We haven't intentionally "trained" her, though sometimes we do let her cry for a while if it's time for bed and she is still stubbornly awake. I think this is just God's kindness to a tired mama.)

I know Ellie might decide to wake up three times a night again. If she does, oh well. For now, I'm enjoying it!

Little missy had her first chiropractor experience on Monday. Her pelvis was all locked up and her collarbone was out (birth is not the most ergonomic process). She screamed bloody murder the entire time . . . she hates being woken up from her nap, let alone poked and prodded by a complete stranger. Poor baby.

However, she is now noticeably more relaxed and doesn't hyperextend her back all the time. Yay!

I think that being a mom gets more fun all the time. Ellie can tell when we are in the room, smiles at us a lot, and likes being "played" with (i.e. tickling her feet, bouncing her on my lap, singing and making funny faces). She is definitely a little person, not only a bundle of noises and needs.

Yes, I get frustrated when she wants to be held for hours at a time and I can't do everything I think I should-- even with Ellie in the Ergo, some things are still impossible or at least a lot more complicated. But on the whole, I love having this girlie at home with me all day. She is growing like the proverbial weed, and I am glad that I get to be here for so much of her life.

My parents sang this lullaby to us every night before bed. I sing it to Ellie now.

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