11 May 2013

Weekend linkage

The other day I went for a walk with Ellie. It was a beautiful day and at one point we walked beneath a flowering tree, in which were perched four boys about six or seven years old. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hi there.
Boy #1: Oh no!!!! Get your camoflage on!
Boy #2 [ignoring him]: Hey, that's a cute baby.
Boy #3: What's her name?
Me: Elizabeth.
Boy #1: I have a basketball named Elizabeth.
Me: Oh?
Boy #4: You do not!
Boy #2: See you later.
Me: Bye, guys.
[I walk away and hear this . . .]
Boy #4: I wish I could marry that lady!



Life with Ellie: We started out the week on a pretty rough note, what with my mastitis and Ellie's sudden tendency to wail her head off and refuse to be comforted. By the middle of the week, though, the mastitis had resolved itself (I am thankful I didn't have to resort to antibiotics) and we had figured out how to calm Ellie down: I read The Happiest Baby on the Block while pregnant with her and decided to give its advice a try. Namely a tight swaddle, side or stomach position, loud hushing, rocking, and a pacifier if she wants.

It has worked almost every single time. She calms down quickly and will then contentedly be held or nestle in her seat, with her eyes wide open and mouth clamped down on the pacifier. Huzzah! I feel like a much better mom now. :)

"More than half of humanity lives inside this circle." Pretty astonishing.

Why did no one ever tell me how delicious homemade almond milk is?!

Really interesting article on a Russian Orthodox sect that's been on the move-- in exile-- for over a century.

Roller derby pseudonyms for literature majors, courtesy of MacSweeney's. ("David Chopperfield." Ha.)

Every generation is the Me Generation.


  1. Almond/coconut milk saved me when I had to give up dairy with James. And mastitis is SO horrible. I'm glad yours resolved without antibiotics--those are no fun, either!

  2. Quite the compliment from a Calvin sitting in a tree!
    out of the mouths of babes.