12 April 2013

Weekend linkage

"You are a hiccup machine!"
-Jared to Ellie


Life with Ellie: I think the main thing I will remember about her first two weeks is how faithful God has been. We've had good days and bad days but they have all overflowed with His goodness to us. For example, she slept really well for several nights, but yesterday and last night she wanted to eat every 2 hours; that was pretty frustrating. I just keep telling myself that she will fall asleep eventually . . . and she does . . . and so do I.

As they say, I'm not dead yet.

Also, non-maternity pants YAY. I was never so happy to see a pair of normal jeans.


This film looks weird-- too bad, because I love the book so-- but the sets will be cool.


From my friend Joy: no, my kids don't belong to the community.

Holy cow I will never complain about childbirth ever again because at least I wasn't in a tree.

Tourist "destinations" off the beaten path. This guy is super funny, too.

Gutsy, Shai Linne, gutsy.

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  1. Ellie is such a cute nickname!

    And I'm having another in December. Knowing what those first few weeks are like makes me dread them. Hang in there! You're getting so little sleep you won't remember this soon. ;-)