05 April 2013

Weekend linkage

"You must be a camel."
-Jared upon my 627th request for a new bottle of water

"That's me, Mr. Mom."
-upon successfully completing two loads of laundry

"No, we followed the Jared method."
-upon being asked if we used the Bradley method

"It's basically impossible to not take a cute picture of you."
-upon photographing one of Elizabeth's funny faces

"I do not think the chiropractor would approve of that position."
-upon observing his daughter's un-ergonomic sleep preferences


Life with Ellie: Her big accomplishments in the first week of life were to figure out nursing (though she's kind of a lazy eater), take a couple of baths (mixed reviews on that), visit our elderly neighbors (she charmed them to bits), make a lot of stinky messes in her diaper (whee), get extremely loud hiccups (we laugh although she looks so distressed), lose her cord stump (now she has a wee bellybutton), go for a lovely walk (she slept the whole time), and meet most of her family (only missing one uncle . . . he is a police officer with a funky schedule, so it might be a little while).

She has made me cry several times and I'm quite tired, but man oh man, we are certainly enjoying her!

I'm going to work on writing up the saga of her birth, for interested parties. Though there was nothing dramatic about it, I always like reading birth stories, so maybe you will too. :)


The ten most dangerous food ads. (I don't agree with the red meat one being dangerous, but other than that.)

The logical holes in Beauty and the Beast.

Why can't otherwise smart little kids name colors, and what can we do to help them?

Relish, "a graphic novel for foodies."

15 Swedish words we should incorporate into English. Flipperforalder is my favorite.

Anyone who has ever seen a video clip of themselves will understand-- why we hate the sound of our own voices.

That's right, it did!


  1. Enjoyed hearing how you are doing :) Very excited to meet her!

  2. Great hearing how you are doing!

  3. Non-dramatic birth stories make very good reading for pregnant women. Please write it. :) Looks like you are enjoying your dear little Ellie. What a sweetie.