08 March 2013

Weekend linkage

"And now you're in for a rare treat: me washing dishes!"


Pregnancy happenings: Tadpole especially likes to start kicking when she feels any pressure at the top of my abdomen. So for example, if I am drinking coffee and sort of rest the mug on my stomach . . . KICK. Or if I am reading a book, and decide to settle it on that same handy shelf . . . KICK.

We will be moving next weekend, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.


Shakespeare's tragedies: if any of the main characters are still alive, you know you haven't reached the end yet.

This is so absurd. Really, lady? Fine. As a person of German heritage, I protest against the commercial use of the term "kraut!"

Marijuana, coffee, and our medicated age. "It is easy to denounce cannabis use and feel all the satisfactions of righteous indignation. But in many white, suburban, upper-middle class contexts that judgment ensures the problem stays 'out there' without allowing us to see how the same mentalities, attitudes, and dispositions about pain and drug use already exist 'within here.'"

To whom it may concern: I would like to be pope. "I have noted your organization’s expanding client base in South America. This is an area in which I am well versed, after spending an entire semester in Buenos Aires, where I became intimately acquainted with the people, their food and their culture."

This will be a fun project.

T-Swift upstaged by a goat. Oh yes. I'd never even heard the original song before-- I told you I was a fogey -- and I still burst out laughing.

Oh hey, the goat also got Bieber (aww. look how little and cute he was back then! but kind of a creeper at the same time?).

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