01 March 2013

Weekend linkage

Our projects: baby and house.
Pregnancy happenings: I am coming to love some of my maternity clothes even more than my regular clothes. This t-shirt, for example, is my absolute favorite. And this sweater is so light and soft (no wonder it's a "best seller")! I will be sad to give them up.

I did the quintessential Pregnant Woman Thing this week-- at about 9:30 PM, after having a perfectly good dinner and with no reason other than an irresistible craving, I stood in the kitchen and ate chocolate peanut butter ice cream out of the carton. It tasted so good. I felt so terrible afterwards. Well, now I know. :)


Russell Moore on why the afterlife bores us. "Your eternity is no more about looking back to this span of time than your life now is about reflecting on kindergarten. The moment you burst through the mud above your grave, you will begin an exciting new mission--one you couldn't comprehend if someone told you."

Well that's pretty awesome: a Hogwarts constructed of over 400,000 LEGO bricks. "My younger son helped by testing the sturdiness of the buildings, the usability of the classrooms, and he contributed several charmingly wobbly shrubs down by Hagrid’s hut."

Interesting: models and their mothers.

A perceptive article on "culture creep," or how perversions become acceptable in public discourse.

"Behold, the Kindle of the 16th Century." Really, need I say more? (Thanks for the link, Matthew.)

Tadpole and I are alone in the house a lot. Sometimes I turn my crazy dance music playlist up really loud and have a party.


  1. I definitely did the ice cream thing last weekend. With pretty much the same result. Oh well. It did taste amazing at the time ;-)

  2. Oh, do you have to be pregnant to do that ice cream thing? Whoops.

    Good links...thanks. And the best part is that now when I click on the links, a new window opens, and I can go right back over to your blog and click again! Yippee!