11 March 2013

birthday boy

Today he turns 26.

(He thinks this is "very old.")

Today he will go to work.

("To earn money for you to spend," he says.)

Today he will finish one job . . . and go straight to another.

(Almost finished.)

Today we will not even have time to celebrate his birthday.

(I am probably more bummed about this than he is.)

Today, however, is the last Monday evening he'll have to spend away from home. Because next Monday, 645 Hamilton Street will be home.

(And then we will have a proper celebration.)


  1. oh yay! I wondered to myself this weekend when you will be moving in. Will it be this weekend?
    And those floors look great - happy birthday, Jared!

  2. Yay!!!!! And those floors are soooooooo shiny! I want to slide around in my socks.

    Good man, that husband of yours.

  3. Happy bday, Jared! I'm so happy to hear that you are almost in your new home!

  4. You will never forget these days when you worked so hard and happily anticipated your baby's arrival.