08 February 2013

Weekend linkage

"You're the best wife I've ever had."


Pregnancy happenings: Tadpole is reportedly head down, and I believe it. Those are definitely feet I feel under my ribs. (I think she's also got a pretty good left hook, though . . . she seems to be using my bladder as a punching bag. Heh.)


"Declining fertility is the root of America's problems." Yea or nay?

I may have a cabinet full of herbs and homeopathic tablets, but modern medicine can indeed do wonders. What a lovely story.

Oh, this made me laugh: animals audition for Shakespeare.

Whoa. This Russian family lived in isolation on the taiga for 40 years . . . they didn't even know about WWII.

I think golf is boring, but this article on golf ball divers was definitely not.

Should we cheer for God? (More precisely, should we really feel guilty when we don't?)

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  1. How well I remember...Callan kicked my ribs until 2 minutes before he was born. Not to freak you out, but I'll pray you don't have a wee foot stuck up there while pushing. It wasn't pleasant.