15 February 2013

Weekend linkage

Almost 33 weeks!
Mya: Aunt Rebekah, where is your baby?
Me: Oh, in my belly.
Mya: Still?!!!


Pregnancy happenings: Tadpole is big enough that when she moves, she creates enough pressure that it actually tickles on the inside. Better than hurting! She can get pretty crazy at night. :)

This picture was taken in the kitchen at our new house. I can't wait until it's painted and cleaned so you can see the finished product! Isn't that big window great? It looks out onto the backyard, and even though the kitchen is at the back of the house, the window lets in a lot of natural light. Anyway, last night we had a "Valentine's picnic" at the house. Jared was busy spackling all evening, so I took food over-- spinach bacon quiche, pasta salad, and rather enormous cups of YoFro as a special treat-- and we enjoyed our dinner amidst the plaster dust and Sheetrock buckets (which make good chairs, as does the radiator). We're very romantic.


I love Les Mis, quinoa, and crunchy kitchen experiments, so this song cracked me up. ("Have you ever milked an oat?")

What a cute way to tie a scarf!

Another Cheap and Tasty wine recommendation: Elena de Mendoza Malbec. I think it would be great with grilled lamb chops (though I guess that would counterbalance the Cheap bit).

We are painting the bathroom blue, so while we're at it, why not add a squid?


  1. Love the squid idea...also, you look adorable! I wasn't brave enough to try the ribbon too often...I thought it made me look twice as big. :)

  2. Nice Photo
    you just can't beat a drywall bucket for romance.... at least that's what your mum says.

    The Les Mis parity was super funny


  3. Love your baby bump and the color of that sweater you're wearing. Thank you for posting photos so I can see your progress! (progress...as in baby bigness and house stuff)