18 January 2013

Weekend linkage

Pregnancy happenings: I love going to the midwife, because I always leave feeling like Supermom: "Blood pressure's good! Perfect weight gain! Baby's heartbeat sounds great! Your diet is excellent! Keep it up!" :)

When I went this past Thursday, I hadn't been for six weeks; since I don't even own a scale, I was a bit nervous about how many pounds I may have packed on over the holidays. I've felt like a vacuum cleaner these past few weeks (yogurt granola banana eggs broccoli hummus salmon cheese apple peanut butter pineapple chicken mashed potatoes green beans muffin and still hungry . . .). Delightfully, however, I have only gained 9 pounds total. I guess my enormous appetite is for a reason.


Foods that make you hallucinate. "It's worth noting that hot peppers are in the same botanical family as potatoes, tobacco, and deadly nightshade."

Settlers of Cataan drinking game . . . made me laugh.

Little Red Riding Hood matroyshkas. Cute!

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  1. Yep, all that extra food goes straight to baby! :) The numbers get a little higher toward the end...but then they go away pretty fast! :)