20 December 2012

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 9 [beautification edition]

As a facial moisturizer, argan oil makes a lovely addition to my old standby almond oil. I love the tidy pump on the Aura Cacia brand and wish I could get one for the almond oil as well.

I ran across this coconut oil scalp treatment on Pinterest and decided to give the tea tree/rosemary version a try. It was great; I had plenty of oil to massage into my scalp and hair, so everything up there got thoroughly conditioned. However, it's a pain to wash out of your hair, so choose a day when you'll have time for a nice long shower. :)

Speaking of Pinterest, I would like to do this once my hair grows a few more inches.

Redmond bentonite clay can be used in myriad ways-- internal detox, mosquito bite relief, acne treatment-- and so it's just a good thing to have in your stash, period. Right now I am enjoying it as a simple face mask. I mix a little clay powder with water, spread it all over my face, and leave it on for 2 or 3 minutes; it would probably be still more beneficial if I waited longer, but my skin tends to dry out easily and after a few minutes I'm ready to wash it off. Yet even that brief time has a noticeable soothing and smoothing effect. (And if it does that for me, imagine what it could do for people without ridiculous eczema patches all over their faces!)

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