09 November 2012

Weekend linkage

"I’ve made up my mind. I’m voting for Antoine Dodson, all seats."
-Jared on election day

So you can run and tell that, homeboy.


Pregnancy happenings: getting bigger (Tadpole is almost the size of a mango these days) but still stubbornly squeezing into my old jeans. On the bright side, I can drink tea again! Just in the nick of time, too, as we had our first flurry of snow this week.


This hot cauliflower dish looks amazing. I picked up a head of cauli last week so I guess I'll be making it soon!

Belle in the 'hood. I have watched this about a dozen times and am still crying with laughter. Of course, it's only funny if you are really familiar with the original. Hint: "there goes the baker with his tray like always" has been revised to "there go Bonquesha, she wit' Detray like always," Belle visits the weave shop instead of the bookstore, and Gaston's pickup line is now "Girl, your daddy mus' be a cop cause you got fine written all over you!" (Language warning.)

Extremely interesting--and provocative--article by Joseph Epstein on "The Kindergarchy." I agree at some points, disagree at others. What thinkest thou? "One reads occasional stories about the spoiled children of the rich, those little tyrants of private schools, who wear designer clothes and mock classmates who do not; or about the kids whose parents drop a couple hundred grand on their bar-mitzvahs or sweet 16 parties; or of affluent suburban high-school parking lots filled with their students' BMWs and Porsches. In a rich country, a fair amount of this kind of sad vulgarity figures to go on. But what I have in mind is something more endemic--a phenomenon that affects large stretches of the middle class: the phenomenon, heightened under Kindergarchy, of simply paying more attention to the upbringing of children than can possibly be good for them."

The greatest tragedy of the recent election: "From 1973-1994 roughly 35 million babies were aborted. That’s roughly 35 million 18-39 year-olds who did not vote because they were dead." There aren't many socio-political issues I feel strongly about, not many debates in which I am willing to take a decisive stand, but my God . . . this is one of them.


  1. Am I ever with you on abortion. What a great and terrible evil. I can't think of words terrible enough to describe it.

    Thank you for the Epstein link, too.

  2. The cauliflower recipe looks so good. I like to picture you in your house writing on your blog. But can't do that anymore since I don't know where you moved to. But you def have the most interesting blog. I saw you the other Sunday at church walking out to your car and it looked like you had a pair of boots on that had a really similar look to Uggs. Hmmm be careful remember you don't like them. =)

    1. We are actually at Ray and Irene's right now!

      And don't worry, they aren't actually Uggs. ;)

  3. Girlfriend, I am still smiling with bubbles of laughter as I think of the the Belle in the Hood video. Showed it to Keith and the girls...lots of cracking up. Several reasons, but let's just say I understand the humor better than ever at this point in my life. Ahem.

  4. Belle in the Hood...the kids and I watched this and were SCREAMING with laughter. We live there! So funny!