23 November 2012

Weekend linkage

"We will choose plan number C."


Pregnancy happenings: Tadpole is a girl! :) We had the ultrasound on Monday. My favorite part was while the tech was trying to take a picture of the baby's profile: she had her arms stubbornly crossed in front of her face and kept moving her hands, and at one point, she looked as if she was trying to suck her thumb.

I don't know, you guys. There's just something surreal about watching your daughter (!!) wave her hands around on a computer screen. After waiting so long to see an image like that, well, wow. I can't quite believe this is happening. But she is . . . all 10 inches of her.

In other news, I have become an emotional BASKETCASE. Like, I've found a reason to bawl my eyes out every single day for the past week and a half. Does something happen around week 20 that permanently knocks one's hormones off kilter?! Please tell me this won't last forever!


The only time I've ever found football commentary interesting: The Princess Bride shows up on ESPN.

Jane Austen can teach your child to count.

This book looks fascinating (and for that matter, I'd like to buy the cover artwork as a print to frame on the living room wall!).

Speaking of prints on the wall. A.A. Milne or Beatrix Potter for the nursery? (Or both?)


  1. If it makes Jared feel any better, it took me 3 or 4 reads to "get" how you were making fun of him.

  2. Girl! Yay! Although I would have been happy with you for either. I think that makes my prediction wrong, though, but I will say in my defense I did not have good enough pictures of your belly to really guess properly. ;-)