16 November 2012

Weekend linkage

[upon passing a buggy decked with flashing multicolored lights]

Me: I guess it doesn't matter if you're English or Amish . . .
Jared: Everybody wanna pimp out their ride.

The picture shows you what I've been doing at the house: scraping wallpaper. Jared commanded me to wear a mask because there is probably lead paint underneath the wallpaper. Don't worry, I only dealt with the paint for a total of four or five hours. I don't think the baby will have three heads or anything.


Pregnancy happenings: I felt Tadpole move for the first time this week. Possibly the coolest thing ever. I remembered, suddenly, that there's another person living in there . . . that it's not just me getting bigger, but somebody else. Our family consists of three already!

In addition to being all kinds of amazing, it's also slightly freaky. I've never functioned as a house before.

We find out if Tadpole's a he or a she on Monday. Guesses?

Oddly, a lot of people have asked us if we'd prefer a girl or a boy. I think that is a funny question; for one thing, we have absolutely no say in the matter, so preferences seem somewhat pointless here. For another thing, even if we could influence the outcome, I don't think we'd care! Either way, I'm probably going to flip out with excitement, just for different reasons. If it is a girl, fantastic. I see womanhood as a wonderful gift from God, and I would be thrilled to have another little lady in the house. I like being a girl [well, most of the time] and it would be such a privilege to help raise one. If it is a boy, equally fantastic. I enjoyed growing up with so many brothers [well, most of the time] and I would love to have a son! So whatever the ultrasound reveals, there will be much rejoicing around here. :)


Interesting Forbes article on banning email. It's focused on business practices, but makes points relevant to personal email as well.

I'm looking forward to this forthcoming book: The Gospel Centered Woman.

Ah, rocket science I can understand!

A beautiful persimmon centerpiece.

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  1. How exciting that you have your ultrasound next week! While I am quite looking forward to finding out the gender of our little one (still a few months away. . . ), it has nothing to do with preference. Just as you said, I find that question rather odd, and I know I will be just as excited either way. I just think it will make the little one feel even more real, if that makes sense. I will be looking forward to hearing your news :-)