05 October 2012

Weekend linkage

Pregnancy happenings: EAT ALL THE  THINGS!!! That is my modus operandi since finishing the first trimester. The tadpole's main job now is to get bigger, and that has turned me into a hungry hippo. It happened overnight; one day I was queasily sipping Diet Coke, and the next day I was devouring two large bowls of chili and a banana for lunch, followed by yogurt and granola one hour later. Nom nom nom.

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday, which was wonderful. It made me smile all day long. :) Amusingly enough, the pressure from the Doppler probe apparently annoyed Young Tadpole, because the heart rate kept going up! Poor kid (but listen, if you would just stay still instead of swimming around the whole time, it would be much easier to find you!).


Moss graffiti. Watch out, I may be spicing up our back alley once we move . . .

List of 10 new documentaries worth checking into.

I would like to furnish my entire house with items from Father Rabbit, thank you.


  1. Hmmm, I notice that this post is tagged "Baby Bump," yet there is no bump...I know it's probably miniscule right now, but enquiring minds want to know! I'm sure you're so, so cute!

    1. It's true... the "bump" is barely noticeable. I've only had one person tell me that I looked pregnant (I was very pleased). But I want to get Jared to take a picture soon, so I have some photographic evidence. I suspect that things will a lot, um, bumpier very soon :)