29 October 2012

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 8

I got tired of chemically plastic bottles "flavoring" my water after several hours and bought a Lifefactory glass bottle instead. It's wonderful. The only thing I don't like is the lid: if you are not paying attention, it's easy to screw it on lopsided, which makes for spillage later. I soaked the inside of my purse this way. Lesson learned.

Liberte makes an amazing coconut yogurt. While I don't usually buy sweetened yogurts, this is a delicious treat. (And I like that Liberte uses full-fat milk . . . plus cream!)

Layering is great. When shopping for said layers, though, being short-waisted is a disadvantage. Camisoles and tanks that fit women with longer torsos scoop far too low on me-- which rather defeats the purpose, no? Recently, though, I have found two styles that work very well, the first from Target (I even scored a bunch on clearance) and the second from J. Jill (this is not the exact style I have but the cut is similar).

I gave up on soap nuts: it's a great idea, but things weren't getting clean enough and we noticed a funny smell after a while. So I switched to Charlie's Soap, and so far, success! It is nontoxic and lasts a long time, and reportedly it works well for cloth diapers.

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