07 September 2012

Weekend linkage

Pregnancy happenings: Just when I thought my eating habits couldn't get any weirder, on Wednesday I had leftover grilled chicken and an apple for breakfast; for lunch, an entire can of refried beans (don't worry, they were organic and all healthy-like); a peanut butter cookie in the afternoon; and for dinner, some Greek yogurt, another apple, and more peanut butter. Also some grapes before I went to bed.

I do eat vegetables most days, I promise.

Secondly, though this is only tangentially related to the baby, as we'd planned to move anyway-- we have a house! If all goes smoothly, we will be homeowners at the end of October. Most of the floors, walls, and ceilings need to be redone, so we won't be able to move in immediately, but that's okay. We like this house a lot and it has just about everything we'd hoped for, including a front porch, respectable backyard, quiet neighborhood, logically designed kitchen, and two-car garage.


This is interesting: the 100 best typefaces of all time. Click on each name for a full history thereof. (Oddly, though, not all of them contain good examples of the typeface!)

Coolest wisteria ever.

I think this cookbook belongs in our kitchen, seeing as sriracha makes it onto the table for most meals . . . it's like our ketchup.

Though I always read my students' entire papers, sometimes I wish I could do this.


  1. So glad you go the house! who-hoo! Can't wait to see it. :)

  2. Woohoo!!! Good ol' Hamilton Street. That's a great block, too! And, you know what's funny... I worked with the wife when I worked at Conestoga Title on King Street. She used to walk to work everyday from Hamilton to King street!

  3. Refried beans are always a good choice, at least in my book. And so happy about the house!