12 September 2012

it only goes downhill from here

Old Couple
{image credit: Miguel Tiotuico}
Me: Can we watch The Two Towers?
Jared: I probably won't be able to stay awake for the whole thing.
Me: Me neither. I shouldn't be up past 10. We can just watch the first half.
Jared: OK.

[a minute later]

Jared: Man . . . it's really lame to watch a movie in installments.
Me: My dear, I am afraid that's what we've come to.


A while ago we saw an elderly couple walking down the street, he lazily stretching his long shanks, she (at least a foot shorter) industriously powerwalking and chattering a mile a minute. Yes. That's going to be us in fifty years.


  1. We watch movies in installments, too! There's only about an hour between baby bedtime and ours.

  2. Welcome, welcome to the world as I know it.


  3. First, thank you for having the courage to admit your sleep-dependent nature. Second, I can't remember the last time my hubby and I watched a full movie together without someone, ahem, falling asleep.
    Third, I wish you lived closer so we could borrow the movie.
    Fourth, I wish you lived closer so we could sit and chat about all our similarities.

    1. Fifth, maybe we'll just have to take a babymoon down to Nassau :)