17 August 2012

Weekend linkage

Jared: Now I'm hungry again.
Me: So am I.
Jared: But you're always hungry.
Me: No, I'm just always really pleased to eat.

After an ultrasound to determine how far along the baby is, Jared's comments about his child: "It's rather blobby" and (in reference to the heartbeat) "Look, it blinks!"


If famous authors had written Twilight. . . (Language alert.) Thanks, Luke.

I really like this post from Ann Voskamp: 10 Ways to Be a Happier Mom. Note that it doesn't say "10 ways to be a better mom" or "10 ways to make your kids behave." It isn't legalistic--no big list of rules--it is directed at a mother's heart, her trust in the Lord, and in the end is supremely joyful.

I don't have a child outside of the womb yet, but this one is already shaking up my days. With feeling sick and tired, I already have a small taste of what it's like to give up your own plans for the sake of a little one. Nausea is not fun, not in the least, but I can see some of the Lord's purpose in it for me.


  1. YAY yay YAY yay YAAYYYY!!!! We are overjoyed.

  2. How far along IS baby? Also, I forgot to say, but I was SO nauseous with Ransom the first trimester, and mildly so the rest of the way. Keep little bites of food in your tummy throughout the day, and you will feel better. I always got sickest when I was hungriest, and my midwives said that's typical.