03 August 2012

Weekend linkage

Me (melodramatically): But seriously, babe. Do you think I'm pretty?
Jared (straight-facedly): Nope. Not pretty. Ugly! You are so ugly. I like ugly girls, and that's why I married you, because you were the ugliest one I could find. Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly. . .
[and at this point I am laughing hysterically into my pillow]

I realize that Jared's approach wouldn't work for a more thin-skinned woman. But it always works for me. You have to understand, he never insults people in real life. So when he starts getting ridiculous like this, I know that what he is really saying is: "You're being ridiculous. Of course I think you are pretty, and I think so because it is true. Now stop not believing me." I guess we just have strange ways of showing affection.


A fascinating Radiolab this week, all about color--I especially enjoyed the last segment on the ancient's lack of blue.

A Yelp review, read with the drama it deserves.

Pretty much.

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship reviews ten natural bug repellents.

"The logical next step in Mason jar mania." Not a bad step though.

To the Olympics! First of all, the US uniforms were boring as all get out. I wish we had a national costume like the Nigerians. Or the Senegalese.

Second, if you happen to win a medal, try not to lose it.

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  1. Awww.....of course he thinks you're pretty...hahaha...funny guy. Can't quite imagine the USA pulling off those hats like the Nigerians and the Senegalese. :)