08 July 2012

when you want to make a zeppelin go up

We played a lot of Taboo on vacation last week.

Me: When infants arrive...
Matthew: Stork!

Simon: Mom doesn't like these...
Luke: Microwave!

Jared: In the barnyard, male hens say...
Luke: Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Matthew: In Europe, they had a revolution and removed things...
Simon: Guillotine!

Luke: The oysters went on a picnic with...
Me: Walrus!

Me: In the ground there are...
Matthew: Worms!

Luke: Cowboys capture things with...
Simon: Lasso!

Jared: Hipsters like this and it makes lines on your pants...
Luke: Corduroy!

Matthew: When you want to make a zeppelin go up in the air...
Me: Helium!

Simon: Nerds use these to guard writing utensils...
Luke: Pocket protector!

[yes, these are all the right answers]


  1. I hope the helium answer was correct for the Taboo game... the reality is Hydrogen... a bit more interesting than helium.. think the Hindenburg!


  2. It was correct... for the game, if not scientifically. :P

  3. I liked the guillotine answer. My favorite answer of all time is from a game of Taboo in a Hillsdale dorm room...the description was "a kitchen utensil that starts with F" and one of the guys suggested "Female!" (It was not the correct answer, by the way!)

  4. All the other utensils would be useless without us!