17 July 2012

how about Hepzibah?

Even though I'm not pregnant yet, we talk about baby names all the time. This may seem obsessive (okay fine, it is) but honestly, we need to get an early start: in two and a half years of this discussion we've only found three or four names we both like.

Sometimes the debate gets a little ridiculous.

Recent email exchange, from an evening when we were both sitting in the living room, supposedly "working" on our laptops:

Me: do you like the name Olympia?
Jared: eehhh...
Me: FINE. How about HEPZIBAH?
Jared: nope
Me FINE. How about JEMIMA?
Jared: nope
Me: FINE. How about LUCINDA?

[I was serious about Olympia, but not the other ones]


  1. I vote for Hepzibah! Names can be so inuriating...though Josh is generally the most laid-back guy ever about names, he has ruined some of my favorites forever. e.g. I suggested Fern as a lovely girl's name. He immediately put on his hickiest of Oklahoma hick accents and exclaimed "Fern cruh-AI-AIIIIINNNN!!!!" Now the name only conjures up buck teeth and tattered overalls...

  2. Olympia is lovely. Also I love Imogen but James gave me stinkyeyes when I suggested that one. :(

  3. I am still groovin on "Acadia" for a girl!!!