15 July 2012

free to a good home

Free Stuff!! 3009
{image credit: marty macfly}
We plan to move this fall, so I've gone into full-on cleaning mode. This involves a lot of discarding. I march through the house and pull things off shelves, trying to remember the last time I used each item and whether it's truly essential. If I don't want to pack it up and drag it to a new home, away it goes! Clutter is decimated, and I am happy.

I have few qualms about this process, as I'm not much of a sentimentalist; to me, stuff is just stuff. But my husband is a nostalgic packrat, so sometimes my gleeful cleaning rampages cause distress among the populace. ("Hey! Where's my favorite wooden cutting board?" "Took it to Goodwill." "NOO!")

Even after our yardsale last weekend, quite a few items still sit in no-man's-land. These are the best of the lot; they're great, objectively speaking, but we simply do not have a place for them in our home. They are feeling unloved and rejected, so would you like to take them in?

1) Hamilton Beach blender. The base and lid are pretty beat-up but it works!
2) George Foreman grill with nonstick plates.
3) Copco salad spinner, a gorgeous golden yellow.
4) Farberware 10-inch nonstick skillet with lid, nice high sides.
5) Farberware 3-quart nonstick saucepan with lid.
6) Farberware 5-quart nonstick pot without lid. Rather scratched up on the inside.
7) Black and Decker food chopper.
8) Nordicware Bundt cake pan. It's awesome, but after dropping most grains from my diet, I never use it.
9) Flour sifter from King Arthur Flour. Again, flour doesn't appear much in my kitchen anymore.
10) Wooden mancala game. We have two, so this one has never been used.
11) Pampered Chef garlic press.
12) Pampered Chef copper-plated trivet (similar to this one).
13) The Mennonite Community Cookbook, hardback edition.
14) Two Circleware glass pitchers, one with simple horizontal banding and the other with a windowpane design.
15) Eight red placemats from Target.
16) OXO 8-cup mixing bowl.
17) Three black metal library-style bookends
18) Two 3-ounce plastic containers, the type with locking lids.
19) Seven Corolle dessert plates, white with a deep gold design around the edge.
20) The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook.

UPDATE: Everything's gone! Thanks for taking it off my hands, friends--I hope you enjoy!


  1. We just did the same thing. Purging feels so good. Where are you all moving?

    1. Most likely into Lancaster City. :) We're about done here on the farm... time for an urban adventure!

  2. i'll take the red placemats and book shelf book ends. :)

  3. i am interested in the dessert plates and the mixing bowl. # 16 and 19. :) we won't be here on sunday - so i could get them from you next wednesday - or you could drop them off here whenever you meander by if you are itching to get rid of them. thanks, girl!

    1. Sure! I'll keep them for you and bring them on Wednesday :)

  4. i'm interested in #16 mixing bowl and #19 dessert plates. we won't be in church on Sunday so i could get them next wednesday - or you could drop them off whenever you meander this way if you are itching to be free of them. :) thanks, girl.

  5. I commented on FB, but I'll comment here to be thorough: I'd like to claim the trivet and the spinner :-)